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ISO Climate Change Updates

On 22 February 2024, IAF and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a Joint Communiqué to highlight the upcoming publication of Climate Action Amendments to new and existing ISO management systems standards.

In support of the ISO London Declaration on Climate Change, ISO passed a resolution that will result in two new statements of text being added to several existing management systems standards and will be included in all new standards under development/revision. The changes will be introduced initially as Amendments to these published standards. These new statements will apply to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 (amongst others).

The purpose is to address the need to consider the effects of climate change on the ability to achieve the intended results of the management system in response to the London Declaration on Climate Action.


The changes are as follows:

4.1 Understanding the organization and its context.

The organization shall determine external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and that affect its ability to achieve the intended result(s) of its XXX management system.

Added: The organization shall determine whether climate change is a relevant issue.

4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties.

The organization shall determine:

• the interested parties that are relevant to the XXX management system.

• the relevant requirements of these interested parties.

• which of these requirements will be addressed through the XXX management system.

Added: NOTE: Relevant interested parties can have requirements related to climate change.


Clauses 4.1 and 4.2 have always required the organization to consider all internal and external issues that can impact the effectiveness of their management system. These new inclusions are assuring that Climate Change is to ensure that this important topic is not overlooked. It should be noted that Climate Change can have a different effect on each management system, and it is not the intention to turn the management system audit into one that disproportionality considers Climate Change.

Climate change should be determined as relevant or not within the scope of the management system, and if so, the risk to the organisation will need to be evaluated. It is noted that some climate change aspects and risks may be of a general nature, whilst others will be specific to industries, e.g., energy production, agriculture, fisheries, or specific geographical locations.

During your next audit, your auditor is looking to ensure that you have considered Climate Change aspects and risks within the development, maintenance and effectiveness of your management systems, including any objectives and mitigation activities as required.

This is a minor amendment to the current version of the ISO Standard(s). The version of the Standards remains the same and will not require a certificate to be revised and re-issued.



Merger with CAS


We are very pleased to announce the merger of QCSE with CAS. This is very exciting news for both companies, our staff, and most importantly for you, our customers.

Both CAS and QCSE are focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service through accredited certification services. Our greatest asset has always been our people. With QCSE joining CAS, we have strengthened this even more, ensuring we continue to deliver high-quality certification services to you and the Australian community.

You can continue to rely on the same personal working relationship you have had in the past and the same quality of work, we will be able to provide more support and more products to help you navigate your compliance.

Will My Auditor Change?

All QCSE auditors will be maintained, so there is no plan for auditors to change. However, with the merger there will be more auditors available, located in more locations, with Compass having offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, meaning we can offer more flexibility as well as continuity.

Will The Cost Increase?

Both QCSE and Compass review their pricing from time to time, but there is no plan for price increases as a consequence of this merger, and any increase in the future will always be communicated to you with plenty of notice.

What Does This Mean To My Certification Status/Certificate Etc?

Both QCSE and Compass are JAS-ANZ accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies, so there will be no changes to your certification status or Certificate. At your next scheduled audit, we will talk to you about aligning with Compass’ accreditation.

Will The Auditing Process/Record Requirements Change?

With both QCSE and Compass being accredited by JAS-ANZ, this means we follow the same processes for auditing and assessing records – so the audit process will remain consistent with previous years.

Do I Have To Change All The Logos On My Website/Letterhead?

QCSE’s accreditation will be maintained for several years, so you will be able to keep using their logos for quite some time. We will talk to you about aligning with Compass’ accreditation and using Compass’ logos, but there will be plenty of time to plan for this.

Who Do I Talk To If I Have Questions?

You can talk to either Malcolm Clarke or Paul Lindsay, whose contact details appear below.

I Have Outstanding Non-Conformances; What Happens With Those Now?

The audit process remains exactly the same, so please continue to close out any nonconformances in accordance with instructions from your auditor.

Will I Be Audited To The Same ISO Standards?

Both QCSE and Compass are JAS-ANZ accredited, so this means we follow the same processes for auditing and audit the same Standards.

Will Our Audit Month Change?

Your audit schedule will not change, and there will be no changes to the timing of audits (or auditor) unless you request it.

Quality Control Services (Environmental)

Quality Control Services (Environmental) Pty Ltd (QCSE) commenced operations in South Australia in 1991. The initial business focus was the international oil industry operating in Australia. Since those early days, QCSE diversified its operations into the provision of International certification programs, commonly known as International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) Standards. We provide certification and assessment services to organisations’ management systems against the Standards for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

QCSE is accredited by JAS-ANZ, the regulatory body for ISO Programs in both Australia and New Zealand. Certification and Assessment Bodies (CAB), are accredited based upon compliance with the requirements of the applicable Standard using a five-level program. Level 1 is the lowest performance level, and Level 5 is the highest performance level. CABs strive to be recognised as a Level 5 organisation as this demonstrates their superior capability to deliver a consistently higher service, that meets all requirements of the ISO program. Generally, promotion to Level 5 takes a significant number of years in the business. QCSE is a Level 5 Certification and Assessment Body.

The firm is Australian owned, with the head office in Queensland, and provides services using agents in South Australia, Melbourne, Perth, and regional NSW. Through this office and agencies, QCSE services clients in all Australian States and Territories.

Our staff are engaged in management systems auditing, and our product is a report and certificate. Our clients come from a wide range of industries including engineering, construction, manufacturing, trades, professional services and not for profit organisations, to name a few. They range in size from small companies, to large, multi-national organisations.

Paul and the team at QCSE will ensure that the services you receive are of the highest standard, are commercially competitive and tailored to your exact specifications.

Why choose QCSE as your certification partner?

QCSE is a local Australian company servicing mainly Australian based clients. Our considerable experience in this marketplace means that we understand your needs and your business objectives. We are flexible and very easy to deal with. Our team will assist you to get a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of ISO certification, guide you in your journey to become certified and then provide excellent on-going service during the formal audits.

  • QCSE is a Global organisation with a local focus. We bring a wealth of experience gained by working around the world to your company.
  • Our auditors are all trained to the highest standards and have been externally accredited; QCSE is happy to assist you to focus on issues of significance within your business rather than just auditing the documented system.
  • We aim to develop strong, long-term relationships with our clients, a strategy which requires us to value-add at all times.

Contact QCSE today on 1300 495 855 to discuss your requirements. One of our friendly staff will provide you with further information and answer any questions you may have during a confidential discussion.

We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation for your review.

We assist your company to 'make the process work' for certification and training because we are an experienced 'one stop shop' for business certification and training.